Good Does Love You! – 2

Some people question God’s love because of the bad things that  happen in the world.  If there is a God and He is a good God who loves everyone, why does He do things to us that hurt?  Why does God “pay us back” for something we are not aware of doing? People will often say, “What have I done to deserve this?” God is  held responsible.  Even insurance companies use “acts of God” to describe events that have no causal explanation.  The idea seems to be that if there is a God, and He really loves us, He would intervene on our behalf every time something bad was about to happen or has happened.

The universe operates under certain laws that God has made to keep the universe running smoothly.   There are those things that we call “miracles,” and God does seem to  sometimes set aside natural laws to make things happen.  However, if a miracle occurs, I do not think God has suspended a natural law.  I believe He is operating at a higher level of natural law than we have discovered.  It is unrealistic to presume God will perform a miracle  when something bad has happened.  The universe would be in chaos.

Sometimes things happen because you and I make bad choices.  Not only do we suffer the consequences, but often others suffer the consequences of our choices.  Should God bd blamed for consequences resulting from our poor choices?

At other times bad things happen because of the choices other people make and we suffer because of them.  We may never who it is that has made a choice that affects us.  There are multitudes of bad decisions made every day the that impinge upon us and our families and we have no recourse.  Does God use the misdeeds of others to punish us?

Many natural calamities seems aimless, hitting innocent people and causing untold damage and loss of life.  This is where the “acts of God” come in.  Does God send a tornado or hurricane to punish people?  There were some preachers saying that hurricane Katrina was sent by God to punish New Orleans for being a wicked city or because homosexuals were gaining recognition and approval.  If so, that means God doesn’t love because innocent people were killed in the process.  God must punish indiscriminately.

When calamities strike, the cry goes up, “Where is God?” as if somehow He is not  doing His job.  I do not believe God causes calamity, but I do believe He is there in the calamity.  There is a story in chapter 4 of Mark’s Gospel that gives some guidance in this.  I will refer to it next time.

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