Is Christianity Under Attack?

A recent survey indicated a majority of evangelical ministers think Christianity is under attack by government and the media.  In reading the various examples several things are apparent, and one of them is not that Christianity is under attack.  What is apparent is the following:

The culture has changed.  The United States is no longer a White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant country.  This means Protestantism no longer enjoys a privileged position in places of power and decision-making.  Evangelicals are only one voice among many that are wanting to be heard.

Attempts to enact legislation that would legalize evangelical morality and impose it upon the rest of the country has not been as successful as these ministers would like.  The furor over same sex marriage is a good example. Basing legislation upon a biblical interpretation of marriage will not fly when the majority of Americans do not accept biblical authority.

What if Christianity were under attack?  Could we expect anything less if we were actually using a prophetic voice that addressed the real problems of our day?  Where is the evangelical concern over poverty, injustice, and homelessness? Where is evangelical concern over economic inequities such as the obscene salaries of some corporate CEO’s when compared with the salaries of those on the shop floor?  Is the opposition to raising the minimum wage based upon the fear of having to give up some personal perks to benefit someone else?

If we really tackle the problems of the day, then let the attacks come.  That’s what real prophets can expect.

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